Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainbows and Happy Trees

Three more days of school. Not that I'm counting! And Ed has promised to take us to Hungry Mother State Park on Thursday, so really only two more days! Yay!!! Of course, that means a little extra work on the remaining two days, or a little school on Saturday, but still.... we are so close to having a break!

As I mentioned before, I'll be planning. But I've been getting so stressed about the planning that I haven't done that it will be a tremendous relief that have a chance to dig in and Do it! On a related note, the "on the fence" mom of an eleventh (or tenth?) grader who had decided to participate in our co-op's history class but was undecided about my literature & writing classes stopped by the house today and said she has decided to put him in my classes after all! He seems like a very nice boy, and I think he will improve the tone of our discussions. And, even more surprising to me, she is up for the logic class for him as well! It shouldn't matter to me how many kids I'm planning for, but somehow having a slightly larger (and more mature) group to plan for makes the project seem more entertaining!


melissa in Va said...

Hungry Mother State Park! Love it!!!!! Hope that ti will help to relieve your stress!!! It has been a long time since we visited there, but we absolutely loved it!!!

Melora said...

Not only is the park great, but there is an ice cream store nearby (we found it while house hunting, six years ago) that sells Excellent ice cream! A trip to that ice cream place is part of the plan!