Sunday, August 26, 2012

That's What It's All About!

The Hokey Pokey, that is.

It has been the kind of week where it being all about the Hokey Pokey seems quite reasonable. Not bad, but  busy. Much like last week, in fact. Still plugging along with World War I in history, which may be part of my malaise. The kids haven't complained about their reading (though Katie was disgusted with the end of War Game, which we read on Friday), but I am very eager to be done with The Guns of August. It is an excellent book, but the unremitting litany of stupidity and incompetence (the Russians in particular) and of the various acts of terrorism (German) is just depressing. I think we're almost through, though, and I only have five hours left of The Guns of August (which I have as an audio book). When we get to WWII I think I will skip supplementing with any reading of my own. Enough is enough!

Proving once again that my kids come by their procrastination skills honestly, I scrambled to get my Wheelock's homework done after church today! (It comes due on Sundays.). Today we learned the vocative case, which isn't too bad. Despite my good intentions, I did not leave myself time to check my answers carefully before turning them in, so I suppose I will once again be the class idiot. (In the first lesson I translated a sentence as "It is rumored he can fly," while everyone else got "Rumor flies.") Someone has to be the dunce, and I think it is a service I can render my fellow students -- I hope they appreciate it!
Today's lesson included two sentences which I thought were particularly appropriate to election season: "Sanam formam vitae conservate." and "Immodica ira creat insaniam." I translated them as "Protect life's sane form" and "From excessive anger comes insanity." Aren't those nice? Of course, they might mean something completely different!

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