Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a Wonderful, perfect day, and I wish I had the words to really express my gratitude. Everyone should be blessed with such a kind, funny, loving family. 

And the meal was maybe our best yet! Katie helped with the cleaning, and Ed and I seem to have gotten a well-orchestrated Thanksgiving-kitchen-routine in place. He does the bird, and this year he really surpassed himself (for once, we remembered that it always takes longer than we expect, and we timed it just right!). My mom made the pies (pumpkin and pecan), which were superb, and the green beans, which were just as tender and perfect as could be. And all my stuff -- the stuffing, sweet potatoes (Travis advised on those, and did a great job!), mashed potatoes, rolls, chocolate pie -- all came out very satisfactorily. 

 (Here everyone is being patient.  Except Katie, who is frowning because her daddy insisted on a picture with me in it, and we'd already gotten one picture, and the food was getting cold! (only it didn't really get cold)!)

We had gorgeous weather today! After the dishes were all washed up we went out and played badminton.

In every way I felt showered with blessings today!

And here are the cats. Plastered to the heater. If the heater is plugged in, that is where you'll find them. I am thankful that they didn't bring up any mice today!

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