Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 And today, by special request, we have.......

my parents' beautiful new windows!
They are both useful and highly decorative!
Here is a front view...
and another view of the front, from the a slight angle!

 And a back view...
 and, finally, an end view!
 Pretty nice windows, eh? The old ones really had seen better days!
And can you believe their forsythia is blooming? It says it is spring! I am skeptical, but it certainly is a nice positive thought!

I escaped to my parents' house at lunch time today (and I'm afraid it was a nice, long, "three-martini" lunch, though without alcohol), and my mom made a delicious lunch of stir fry chicken, with blueberry crumble and homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert. Given how close to the cliff's edge my lambs drove me yesterday afternoon, I felt only the smallest twinge of guilt, and I even felt strong enough to re-enter the "Travis vs Algebra" fray when I got home!

Here are some of the books we are reading this week...
Israel seems to figure large.
My polio book is excellent, and Katie is still enjoying the Bagthorpes. I started Travis on Oliver Sacks' Uncle Tungsten this week because his history reading load is very light and I don't want him to get bored!

Our tree. Thanks to yesterday's dampness it was still outside this morning (we brought it in today, just before lunch). Yesterday morning, while turning in the driveway, heading off to co-op, and simultaneously engaged in a small rant about the flawed behavior of my precious lamb #1, I ran into it with the van and sent it flying. It seems to be quite a resilient little tree! 

And here is Travis, hanging an ornament on our Advent calendar. He really is mostly quite a good boy.

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