Friday, February 01, 2013

Excising Expletives

I've uploaded two chapters of Mr. Scarborough's Family to Librivox, and I'm really having fun with it! Of course, the "listener" has not gotten to my files yet, so it may be whole different feeling when I get a message explaining the many ways in which my reading fell short of the mark, but for now I'm loving reading aloud to an "audience" that doesn't interrupt my flow with goofy jokes and sibling pokes!

Chapter 28 was a little more challenging than 27, since it included two vehement expressions of "I'll be d____d!" I might have been inclined to fill in the blank, just to keep things simple  -- "I'll be dashed!" -- but I checked and Librivox wants readers to read the text, the whole text, and nothing but the text. So I improvised. I settled on "I'll be Duh -- Blanked!" Which I think conveys the idea but is difficult to work into the flow of a sentence.

Having finished two chapters of Trollope I wanted something a little different but short (to allow me to hurry back to the next two chapters of Mr. Scarborough that I've claimed!). John Wesley's Sermons for Several Occasions seemed appealing -- no cast of characters to try to give appropriate voices, at any rate -- so I requested Sermon 31. I printed it out, and I like it! Plenty of fire and brimstone and all that. Wesley dwells with great enthusiasm on that eternal possibility which Trollope treated with such delicacy. I think, though, that after this one sermon I'll be happy to stick with Trollope for a while.

edited to add: GREEK! Wesley has Greek words and phrases in his sermons! I didn't know Methodists did that! I am Doomed!

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