Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy News!

Ed went in to Winston on Tuesday to see a new neurosurgeon (the one he went to see the week before in Winston, who told him he needed to have the tumor out soon, because it's growing and he's growing older, no longer actually operates and referred him to this doctor), and this doctor told him that he can wait on having surgery! That was the Right Answer, and Ed immediately recognized that this is a Good Doctor who Knows His Stuff! He (the doctor) says that the tumor is growing, and that his recent increase in pain probably was due to the tumor pressing on nerves, but that it is growing slowly and he recommends getting another MRI next year and seeing him again to see how things are going. Unless the pain increases dramatically again, of course. Happily, though, the pain has recently gone back to where it has been the past however many years. Bad, but manageable. Which now looks pretty good!

And, given a forecast of rain for the next few days, the kids and I cut out early today and went for a walk with my parents! It was beautiful!

The sand at the foot of the falls was full of sparkly silvery "sand." Mica? I don't know. Anyway, it was so pretty in the sunlight, and I tried to take a picture that would show what it looked like. Use your imagination! There were also snails, which I could have gotten a fine picture of, only by the time Katie showed them to me I'd put the camera away. But they were cute!

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