Thursday, March 28, 2013


We're enjoying a "half" holiday. No co-op on Monday, so the writing, history, etc. that gets done for co-op is waiting until next week. But we still have math, science, grammar, Latin (review work), and some other little tidbits. I hate to see my lambs at loose ends.
Here Travis is working on simplifying square roots. You throw in variables and exponents, and the whole thing gets pretty sticky, but he persevered!

 And Katie, doing "independent reading." (Which, absurdly, I have to put on the schedule. She goes on reading kicks, but when she's not kicking, if no reading is assigned she'll sew, draw, listen to audio books, but not read. Though she Loves a good story.) She finished The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, and thought it was so good that she passed it on to her granny to read!

It still isn't warm, but the flowers are doing their best anyway!

 The kids colored eggs tonight. I love that we have gotten to the point that I only need to come in to admire!

My favorite silly smile!

 Travis, impersonating a snake!

 Katie took her eggs seriously, but they gave her a hard time this year. Still, some of her color combinations turned out beautifully!

Travis, enjoying the potential of a blank canvas!

 The Minecraft egg. Of course.

This, he says (and who am I to doubt?) is a My Little Pony egg. His ponies look more like parrots to me, but  that may be an improvement.

 Bacon, or political commentary? (or, perhaps, both!)

And Emma. She got at Katie's breakfast plate this morning, after the bacon was gone but the yummy grease remained, and has been feeling especially mellow and happy ever since.

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