Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family, Friends, Food!

 Such a great week!
The kids had two parties, one for co-op, and one for Latin club, and now we have a two week holiday!
Well, actually, we are down to one week now, but still.... a holiday!
And my parents have been coming over to play!
On Friday they decorated ginger bread houses with us!
My mom's, as always, is the tastefully restrained one. Travis made a Minecraft themed structure (I messed him up by making too-thick icing). Katie made Galileo and his observatory. (Did he have an observatory?)

And... I got a Fabulous new computer!!!!!

As you may remember, my old (10 year old) faithful computer has been showing its age. Travis extracted a large chunk of it (he hates it when I refer to the chunk as "the brain," so I won't, but it was something like that) and got it going, but we've been unable to set up a restore system for it and haven't dared turn it off, and it edits photos and does other useful things at a Very sedate speed.
My daddy has very kindly been setting all its settings up just as I like them and transferring stuff over, so everything is going smoothly!

 So... I am typing on a lovely new keyboard, and editing photos in a new program! I've already discovered that Microsoft Writer stinks for posting pictures to the blog (and I will be pretty groggy tomorrow at church as a result!), but otherwise... Perfection!

And here are photos from the Latin Club Party

Travis brought the toucan home. Sigh.

And the annual mangling of Adeste Fideles!

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