Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our 5K

Today was Katie's 5K! Travis surprised the heck out of me last night by saying that he would like to run in it too. So, there were three of us "running" today, in our first (though maybe not last) race!

 (Not the prettiest day. But the rain hadn't started yet!)

 (Here we are after. Wetter, but with "hooray-you-finished!" candy canes! You'll notice that Katie was kind enough, at some point in the race, to let her poor frozen big brother wear her Hello Kitty gloves. The brother who told me last night that he Absolutely Would Not wear gloves if I dug them out for him. She is a good sister.)

(Race over, the kids felt they were ready for breakfast (Travis had had oatmeal, but that was ages ago.), so Ed stopped by Burger King.)

Actually, the race turned out to be fun! The cold wasn't so bad, once we got going, but I could have done without the rain. Travis was thinking in terms of a much shorter 5K than we were in and started off fast. I caught up with him in a little while. He was walking, and waved me on. "Go on without me!" He's so noble. Katie seemed to be doing okay, so I just shuffled along on my own. I finished in 37 minutes and 39 seconds, which doesn't seem too bad, considering that I stopped to talk with my daddy and my nephew, who were waiting to encourage us on a bridge a little before the finish line, and also that my athleticism normally doesn't extend much beyond a vigorous stir of the gin and tonic! The kids finished a fair while after I did (Katie wants it known that she finished in 53 minutes, 33 seconds), so perhaps I should up their gin and tonic stirring, but neither of them was last, and they both had a good time.

Other things we did in the past week...

 The kids painted some ornaments. Just in case we manage to get a tree before Christmas.

And Travis had us go outside to help with what he claimed was a physics experiment. It involved one person throwing a tennis ball in a certain direction and as high as the roof, and Travis timing something. Maybe. Actually, I think it was either a psychological experiment, so see how long we'd stand in the freezing cold throwing tennis balls (Travis kept saying "Wait a minute!" and leaving us outside while he went in, ostensibly to check directions.), or a biological experiment to see how long it would take us to freeze solid.

And last night my parents came over with my nephew, who is visiting for the week, and we played a game he brought called Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. He kept insisting that the game was very simple, and we kept pointing out that that was because he was making up the rules. When we go over to their house today, I'm bringing Clue, a game which does not have an inch thick rule book!

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