Thursday, February 13, 2014


We finally got a nice heavy snow!

The kids enjoyed it very much. Ed didn't have quite so much fun.

He looked out at all that snow and decided that what he really wanted to do was go for a little drive. 

And he was sure that there wasn't enough snow to give our van any trouble.

He drove this far. Then the snow gave the van trouble.

Don't the kids look happy? I don't normally give "snow days," what with the fact that they are not likely to get bogged down in snow between the breakfast table and the school table.But today was pretty much a holiday.

Emma thinks snow is dumb.

Here Travis is trying to dig out the van. He was not successful.
 Ed says that snow used to be much more fun.

Look at the size of that snowman! 
 Here Travis is advising on proper nose placement.

Katie and the snowman!

Travis was wearing shoes while they were building the snowman. But he'd gone in and taken them off when he realized I was taking pictures, so he raced back out. Florida kid.

It was lovely. And tomorrow I hope it all melts (without flooding my basement).

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