Saturday, July 05, 2014


 My darling little boy is now a darling sixteen year old boy. Hardly seems possible, but there it is. He is amazing -- brilliant, funny, sweet -- and I love him so much. Happy birthday, sweetie!

 (Here he is opening the basket of "surprises." He never asks for anything, but we twisted his arm until he gave us a few suggestions. Then he mentioned that a surprise would be nice, so Katie and I picked out some different sweets and a couple t-shirts. He was delighted with everything!)

And here he is opening the Big Present. The really exciting one, from Granny and Paba.

It was almost too much.

And Katie decorated his cake. Beautiful, eh? Travis was effusive in his praise.

The beautiful new monitor, in action. Travis now has three monitors on his desk -- one for the Minecraft server, the one on the laptop, and now the beautiful new one with amazing resolution. He had set them up so that the new one is an external monitor and he can drag and drop files and view them on either screen. Pandachute looks pretty fabulous on the new screen!

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