Saturday, September 20, 2014


Just checking in to say.... we're still here. Getting back into doing All The Things has been rather all-consuming.

On the school topic (is there anything else?), Katie is Really enjoying this year's math! I haven't dwelt on it, but the past year, especially, has been awful, mathematically speaking, for her. The program we use for first through sixth grade is, I think, fairly rigorous, and the sixth grade materials are particularly so. When Travis was in 7th grade I struggled to find a good pre-algebra program for him. We actually tried three before we hit on perfection (Derek Owens), and when we did, what we found was that "pre-algebra" was easier than Singapore's Primary Math 6 (the one I've linked is the updated edition of what we used). However, creature of habit that I am, I kept the same sequence for Katie, skipping only the step of trying two other programs before starting her with Derek Owens, the upshot being that, having suffered the torments of Singapore 6, she is now delighting in the clear instructions and short (but adequate) assignments of DO. Happy days!

In other news, Latin this year is apparently going to be quite challenging. Maybe. At least, the kids are having a hard time adjusting to the generous doses of Henle which are added to the regular Fourth Form work. Of course, the start of the year is always a bit hard, just getting back into the habit of working and all, so maybe the drama will ease. I hope so!

Other stuff.....
Katie has started doing a Bible study/dance class (I think they finish one before starting the other, but honestly I don't really know) with what seems to be a nice group of girls, and next weekend she is going to see how she likes a local group of Girl Scouts. She's also volunteering one afternoon a week at the library, though so far half her "volunteer" time has been spent participating in an art class (the librarian's suggestion). Travis has been going to the art class as well, and they both are enjoying it. Travis has finally finished his Android app! It took him ages, but I think it is clever. Well, and very difficult, and not just because I am terrible at games. (If you are curious, send me an e-mail and I'll give you a link, but he doesn't want people searching for his app by name to come across his Mother's Blog. Just Imagine how embarrassing that would be!) He's now started on a new game, which also must remain nameless here. The internet opens up whole new realms of ways for mothers to embarrass their teenagers, but I am doing my best to avoid doing that!

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