Saturday, October 04, 2014

Apple Festival

This afternoon we went over to Wilkesboro to see the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival. It's a gorgeous day, and it sounded like a fun event (the publicity mentioned all sorts of music, crafts displays, clogging, etc.), but it turned out to be more like a town-sized flea market with huge crowds. Still, the weather was beautiful, and I was with my favorite people. And we met a sweet Clumber Spaniel and saw a Borzoi, a collie, and a Bernese Mountain dog (well, and lots of other dogs, but those were the exciting ones).

This was my favorite booth. Each apple has its own name and history.

 Wilkesboro has a very nice little downtown area. But  this picture doesn't convey how many people were there this afternoon!

Travis saw a Dominos pizza place as we were headed for the car and the kids went back and got a pizza. It cost less than the cheese fries they had gotten earlier, and Katie got a soda with her name on it. Dominos really does make an awfully good pizza!

(She didn't tell them her name -- that is just the bottle they handed her! Isn't that funny? Like a wand at Olivander's!)

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