Saturday, December 27, 2014

Walking with Family!

Yesterday we went to Reynolda Gardens, in Winston-Salem. The greenhouses were closed for the holiday, but we wandered around various trails, and also around Wake Forest University, which connects to the gardens. It was a very nice day for a walk.

(The heron was in Katie's lake. The lake is now actually more of a bog than a lake, So, Katie's bog. Just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)

 And today we went for a cookout and then a hike at Stone Mountain. Again, a lovely day for it!

Here Daddy is testing one of the chocolate chip cookies Katie made. They passed inspection.

  (Ed checked them too!)

We built a nice fire!

Boys, posing.

Starting up the trail together.

But before long we split up. Mom and Dad went straight for the summit, but the rest of us decided to look at the falls first.

Jeremy and his lovely fiance, Kim, seem to be quite fond of each other.

(they do a lot of this)

Tired boys. They will run up stairs which sensible people would take at a walk.

Mom and Dad waited at the summit for a while (I caught up with them there, but only because I abandoned the rest of my group).

Katie thinks they've put in these lovely benches for her comfort!

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