Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Days

It snowed here on Monday, and since then it's flurried and snowed enough, and been cold enough, to maintain a good solid layer of snow and ice. Especially the ice. It's pretty, anyway.

We were a bit worried about Harry in the snow (he has his very insulated palace in the garage, of course, but I was afraid he wouldn't go outside), but it turns out that he is okay with it. The kids said that the first time he saw his footprints he got scared and leaped backwards, but he quickly got used to it.

(Here you can see Harry, peeking around the corner of the garage, watching the kids. That was on Monday, when snow was still a new thing for him!)

And here Harry is helping Katie build a snowman.

It's a good thing Katie has Harry to play with in the snow, because Travis inherited my tolerance for cold -- pretty much none. His feet and hands turn blue after just a few minutes. Still, he did manage a couple hours of "sledding" across the street before duty (and the need to thaw) called him back to his books!

I've gotten in a fair lot of reading this week, and am hoping to sneak in a bit more tomorrow. The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams was really interesting, and today I read Petrarch, who was wonderfully passionate and intense. Also Rowan Williams's Tokens of Trust, which was a perfect Lenten read. Next in the list is a swashbuckling fantasy. Variety, you know!

Here Emma is channeling Yoda. She likes to lie on top of my stomach and meditate while I read.

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