Saturday, June 13, 2015

In Which We Go to the Mall!

Travis had his last NCJCL officer's meeting today, in Greensboro. I should mention that he did a Fabulous job as Tech Coordinator -- the website he designed really is a thing of beauty! Actually, you should take a peek at it, before the new Tech guy puts his own "tweaks" on it -- here's the link... NCJCL website. I particularly like the way he put a slideshow from the Spring Convention behind the logo thing!

But, anyway... the mall! That's where Ed, Katie, and I went while Travis was at his meeting. And it's a fine mall. Three stories of shops. (No Godiva store, though, which I thought was a shame. I'd have taken a chance and eaten a pumpkin spice truffle, if one had been available!) Katie tells me that I am an Unnatural Mother because I don't like to take her shopping (I've explained that I used up all my shopping in my twenties, and at this point, if Amazon doesn't have it, and it isn't a book, I don't need it. She's unimpressed.) So, here is evidence that I have (and I'm pretty sure there have been at least a couple other occasions) taken her shopping at a mall...

We stopped for ice cream. And to sit down.

See how cheerful I am? 

And Ed is positively jovial!

Katie bought small things at small shops. Small, pink shops. Strongly perfumed shops, for the most part. Ed and I found the Hot Topic store quite entertaining. They sold Doctor Who backpacks (quite a variety), Supernatural underwear, and more Minion merchandise than you could shake a stick at. (As if anyone would shake a stick at a Minion!) We did not make any purchases.

But, Ed did admire this very nice lawnmower.

After a couple hours (notice me not saying that it felt like many, many hours!) we went back to see if Travis was done meeting. He was, but they were getting ready for lunch (catered, as a treat for the officers), so we left him and got our own lunch. It was excellent.

So, I now have "mall mom" bragging rights (with documentary evidence), which I will use when accused of slackness in that department, and Katie has a spiffy new hair bow. In another few years I might just do it again!

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