Tuesday, September 15, 2015

All That Puppy Goodness!

Okay, that might be stretching the truth a bit. How about, "All that Puppy Cuteness"? And for a puppy, he is very good. That is just a pretty big qualifier. But now we have a bottle of something sort of like Bitter Apple spray, so he has stopped (for now) nibbling the carpet fringe, and we pulled out the baby gate, so he can romp in the school room without being tempted  to wander unsupervised through the rest of the house (Emma really appreciates this one), so the puppy craziness is, at least temporarily, under control. He has discovered that he can run faster than his people, and he absolutely glories in grabbing clods of mud or other icky stuff and racing around the yard, keeping just out of reach of the killjoys who would take his treasure and hand him something marginally sanitary.

He has a penchant for flip flops....

and he adores his squeaky pacifier!

Harry can still "escape" onto the chairs. Not much longer, I'm afraid.

New toys. One in each paw! (We tease him about being our "dear little Dudders.")

Still, what goes around comes around. Sometimes you play with the toy, and sometimes you are the toy! He's a good sport about being Katie's baby doll. At least for a couple minutes!

The kids were both sick over the weekend -- Travis had to take the ACT on Saturday, and he was sick as... well, he was sick. Not very optimistic about those test scores, but, as I reminded him, he'll have the PSAT next month and the SAT in the spring with which to redeem himself. And I suppose he can take another crack at the ACT next fall. We'll see. Anyway, both kids were looking better Monday, but then Katie succumbed again today. She's looking rather feeble, but I made her chicken noodle soup, so no doubt she'll be better tomorrow. And... puppy cuddles! They might not fix everything, but it's hard to be too gloomy with a soft puppy snuggled in your arms!

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