Sunday, March 06, 2016

Finn's First Hike!

Today was absolutely gorgeous -- sunny and warmish -- and after church Katie and I decided to take Finny for his first hike at Stone Mountain. By the time we got there the parking lot was almost full, but there were not many people hiking the Wolf  Rock/Cedar Ridge trail, so it was very, very pleasant. And the people we did meet, many of whom had brought their dogs, were friendly and properly admired our sweet, shy pup. 

(Waiting for Katie to catch us up. She walked faster than usual today, especially when Finny was pulling her along, but still...)

Finn zoomed up to Wolf Rock, and then, briefly, was tired!

Cooling the tired Finny toes in the cool puddles!

A nice dish of water, followed by a couple cookies, for refreshment.

Katie and Finn, admiring the view!

Finny was so pleased to greet new people as they arrived on Wolf Rock!

Here we are having just a bit more of a rest before moving on.

Finny, admiring Stone Mountain from Cedar Ridge.

He wasn't sure about stepping into the fast moving water. Maybe next time!

And as a reward for our good new hiker... ice cream!!!
I had imagined that he might lick his cone. Ha! One bite for the ice cream (vanilla), and one for the cone, and it was gone!

And here he is, hopefully looking at Katie and her cone! The little girls behind us (above) were sure that he would eat their cones, but I explained that their cones were chocolate and Finny knew that dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. Plus, that I had a good grip on his leash. They didn't believe a word I said and continued to regard him with thrilled suspicion. As well they might.

Finny says this was the best day he's ever had, and that we need to go back and do it all over tomorrow. My knees, which lodged some complaints at being tugged along at high speed down steep, slippery trails, say he will have to wait another week or so. Still, it was great fun!

And it is hard to say "no" to such a sweet faced boy!

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