Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Happy Birthday, Ed!

 Today is my sweetie's birthday! He doesn't expect much fuss, but I made him a cake and cooked some steaks to perfection, and he was given some very nice gifts, and the weather was surprisingly not-awful, so it was a pretty terrific day.

Can you believe that he Guessed what the jelly was before he opened the package? I thought that one would stump him. (I always get jam instead of jelly, which he prefers, because jam is easier to spread. But in honor of his birthday I got him a jar of real jelly.)

Travis got him a Large collection of sugary snacks. And I, not realizing what Travis was getting, got him sugary snacks. Katie also got him... sugary snacks.

He now has a year's supply of unhealthy snacks. Happy birthday, baby!

And these were in the camera. Finny, damp from... something. With one of the rubber chickens Travis got in the mail. They squeak, and Finn adores them.

He's got one of the cats' squeaky balls in his mouth, and is trying to pounce on the rubber chicken at the same time. Toy gluttony.


clsiewert said...

Finny is adorable as always--you can never have too many toys. Happy Birthday!

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! He really is a wonderful pup!