Thursday, August 25, 2016

Finny's Got His Bounce Back!

Finny and his family want to thank all his kind friends who offered their prayers, healing vibes, and positive thoughts for his recovery! Which he has finally done. It took longer than I expected, but as of last night Finn finally regained the bounce in his step and the wicked sparkle in his eyes. He claims to have Learned his Lesson, but we don't believe him as far as we could throw him and are keeping a sharp eye on all his doings.

As of this afternoon he is back to wrestling with Travis!

When we brought him home last Saturday he was a sad and sorry pup...

And the next few days he was still pretty pitiful.

But now he's feeling his bumptious old self!

(Livy looks a little cranky, but it's only because she wants her cat food and is annoyed that she can't open the fridge and her servants are failing to obey.)

In other news, I made this "sort of cheesecake" in my pressure cooker! It's grain-free and dairy-free, and it is really tasty! I have several other grain & dairy free desserts lined up to try as soon as we finish this one off (I'm thinking of it for breakfast tomorrow, which about ought to finish it and clear the pan for the next yummy experiment!).


here's our first ever "first day of school" photo!
Of course, it's not actually. I mean, we did do some learning around here over the past twelve or so years, and Katie didn't really start today. But Travis sort of eased into taking classes at the community college last year, so it didn't feel so dramatic, and if you look at how smiley she appears at 4:00 in the afternoon, heading out the door for the open house at the high school, you'll understand why I decided against trying to get a "first day" photo at 7:15 Monday morning, when we'll really be headed off for the start of her high school career.

Still, the open house at the high school was really excellently done -- we met up with the assistant principal right near the front door and, even though they were busy, she walked us around, made sure we found all the classrooms, introduced us to several people, showed us the library, the cafeteria, the gym, etc. Just amazingly nice. Since we've decided that school is the best choice for Katie at this point, I'm really thrilled that she gets to go to a small and very friendly place! (It is supposed to be one of the better "regular" public high schools in our part of the state, according to this link, Daddy!) I'm sure (okay, I hope) she'll be looking more cheerful after school on Monday, once she has that first day under her belt.


Susan B said...

So glad Finn is better!
So, no homeschooling this year? I guess I missed that blog post. I hope Katie has a great year!

Melora said...

Thanks, Susan! Yup, he's back to normal. And Katie is loving school!