Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decking the Halls and So Forth

We have a tree! 

In case you don't see it, there it is, on top of the van on top of the tow truck. The van has been fussing, and today Ed took it in to the auto parts shop so it could lie on their couch and chat with the clever computer. The read-out from their session indicated some engine woes, but Ed thought it could limp on a little more and picked up a sweet little tree that was "Half-off Today!" Unfortunately, our stoical old van had not disclosed all to its therapist, and it suffered a fatal transmission-attack and abruptly dropped dead in front of the old ABC liqueur store. Some kind souls helped push it off to the side, and Ed was able to reach a really lovely man with a tow truck, and so, despite all obstacles, he brought home his tree!

My parents joined us for mid-day dinner today (pesto pasta, with chicken, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, etc., challah, brandied peaches, and beautiful salads that Katie made), and for dessert we had this cheesecake. Triple chocolate -- a layer of milk chocolate, one of white chocolate, and one of dark chocolate. My layers didn't turn out as nice and distinct as the one I'd seen on the internet, but the flavor was just fine.

This year we decided to go with store bought holiday cards instead of our usual photo cards. The kids have been so busy with school that we just didn't get a chance to take a picture in time to order cards, but today I decided it would be nice to enclose a snapshot, at least, in our generic cards. Even that turned out to be a bit of a challenge!

 Still, as Katie says, they are at least honest portraits of our family, and I'm sure Livy will forgive me someday!


Queen Guinevere said...

I love her wiseness, "honest portraits of our family!" Sorry about the van.

Melora said...

Thanks! I'm glad she can see the funny side of things, anyway.