Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Christmas (and best wishes for a joyful Hanukkah!)

We had a lovely holiday here. Slept late thanks to a very late night out last night at the Christmas Eve service up the mountain -- it was 9 am when Travis stood on the landing and asked, "Are you all staying in bed ironically? Nope, just lazily. But given a wake-up call we all popped up cheerfully enough and trundled down to enjoy good food, thoughtful gifts, and general silliness. I made what I am told were exceptionally superb crepes for breakfast, and the rest of the day I coasted on Saturday's cooking, when my parents joined us for a turkey dinner with all the fixings. They came over this afternoon for a while for chitchat and dessert, which was low-key and nice. 

(Katie got Finny a sweater. He actually doesn't hate it!)

(Finny also got a new Benebone. These are his favorites. They are fancy, but the last one held up for more than six months, which makes it seem more reasonable!)

(Livy finds Katie's tiny new drone just fascinating.)

Travis got new video games.

Anyway, it was a very nice day, and I hope your holidays are also filled with laughter and silliness and love!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Happy holidays! They looked very merry :D

Melora said...

Thank you, Carol! We had a very nice time.