Saturday, January 28, 2006

Baking and Reading

K. and I have been baking today. I taught her how to make baking powder biscuits, including the kneading (she really liked the "turn and fold"). We also made Snickerdoodles and egg bread. She is such fun!

I stayed in bed this morning 'til I finished Fannie Flagg's "A Redbird Christmas." It was nice, happy fluff, but I read in such short, occasional snatches that it takes an absurd length of time to finish even the smallest book.

I found The Muppet Show (season one) on DVD at our library, and we've been watching episodes this week. Some of it seems pretty dated (or maybe Phyllis Diller was just never funny), but there is still some good stuff. Travis' favorite character (mine too) is the Swedish Chef, and he has held up just fine!

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Dy said...

I love the days we bake together. Such fun! And then eating the treats while we read a great book - mmm, that tops it off perfectly. :-)