Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday at Last

Yesterday was crummy. Didn't blog, because all I could think of to say was what a miserable day it was, which hardly seemed worth doing. Fourteen straight hours working on appraisal reports. I like the idea of thinking of each day as a gift, but, if yesterday was a gift, I'd have liked to "re-gift" it.

Today was actually more of the same, but I knocked off at 5:15 and am done for the weekend, unless the boss calls to go over some stuff on a report I'm finishing for an estate. What a great feeling! Now I can get to that other little thing I'm supposed to do every day -- educating that boy of mine.

We finished Hoot last night. What a fun book! T. really liked it, although the parts about sleazy business men and ex-beauty queens went over his head. I told him about how I sometimes went out with his Paba, when I was a little girl, to inspect properties owned by companies wanting to build "Mother Paula's Pancake Houses." He was disappointed to learn that I never saw any burrowing owls. Me too!

*K. also enjoyed the book. She liked running her fingers over the little owl eyes on the cover, which bump out.

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Dy said...

Have you blogged before about how you manage working and hs'g? I would love to hear how you schedule it all. :-)

ENJOY this wonderful weekend with your wonderful babies!