Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bubble Wrap, and other minor setbacks

Made very modest progress today. Some painting, wrapped up and boxed a few pictures. It is hard to really get going on anything, because, as soon as you start, you realize that there is one (at least) essential ingredient needed for the task that you thought you had, but you really didn't. Such as, you thought you had a roll of painters tape, so you could paint trim, but you really only had the tail end of a roll. Or, you thought you were ready to put bubble wrap around your pictures and box them up, but, turns out, your pictures are much bigger than you realized, and you only bought enough bubble wrap to do a few. Humph!

Packed Travis off for a playdate at noon today. He'd been looking forward to it all week, and last night he packed a backpack with costumes for himself and one for each friend, and also his Yu-Gi-O cards. Katie and I dropped him off, and then did errands. We bought bubble wrap and packing boxes (mind bogglingly expensive), but also stopped at the library to pick up the video Mad Hot Ballroom (which I am planning to watch tonight), and Travis' new co-op book, Hoot, by Carl Hiassen. Any day that includes a trip to the library and a bookstore isn't a total loss!

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poolie said...

it was so fun.