Sunday, January 08, 2006

Internet surprise

Woke up to a 63 degree house this morning. Brrrr! Ed put on the heat, and I dragged out of bed. Stayed up too late last night (actually, went to bed, couldn't sleep, and got back up) because of an "uproar" on my favorite homeschool internet board. It seems that several regular posters, as well as several occasional posters, were the same nutty person. They also posted mean, anonymous messages, and someone finally checked the IP addresses and figured it out. Aside from the wierdness of someone spending so much time perpetrating such a pitiful sort of hoax, I was impressed by the detail of the various created personas, and by the restraint used by the hoaxer in creating different storylines for his/her characters that were interesting enough to get attention, but never pushed too far for credibility.

Sermon today was about baptisms, and Father Mike told a sort of funny story about a recent baptism he did for a Jewish/Episcopalian family. He said he was explaining how the baptism would go, and the mother stopped him at one point and explained that there would be many Jewish family members present, and couldn't they leave out the parts about promising to follow and obey Jesus Christ, since that might make the Jewish family uncomfortable. He explained that those bits were rather central to a Christian baptism, and, no, they couldn't be left out. I think it struck me funny because Ed recently was very surprised when I explained to him, in the course of a conversation about religion, that Jews don't believe in the divinity of Christ. Apparently the sweet old thing has been sleeping through sermons since childhood.

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