Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We marched in the Martin Luther King parade with our church today, and it was lots of fun! A lady who belongs to our church marched with the Unitarians last year, and was dismayed to see that they were the only "white" church in the parade. She said that the Unitarians shouldn't be allowed to have all the fun, so this year she organized a group from our church. Both T. & K. started out saying that they would be too shy to hand candy and bracelets to the kids along the route, but they quickly changed their minds and were dashing all over (my head was spinning trying to keep track of them) handing out goodies to all and sundry. T. eventually wearied, and walked along with me leaning on the stroller, but K. kept at it 'til all the stuff St. Augustine's had brought was distributed. She took her mission quite seriously, but was, I thought, completely adorable!

We were pretty tired after our three mile walk, but still enjoyed the festival at the park which followed the parade. We had a yummy picnic of hot dogs, fries, and chips, and then wandered around for a little bit before going home. An excellent way to spend a Monday morning!

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