Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marianne Dashwood's Shoes

We watched half of Sense and Sensibility last night -- the one with Emma Thompson. I just love that movie! For some reason, Marianne Dashwood's shoes particularly caught my attention. After she slips and tumbles down the hill, Willoughby leaps to her aid, and he says "May I examine your ankle to ascertain if it is broken" (or something like that). He delicately lifts her skirt, just enough to expose her feet, and there are these dainty, pointy toed little shoes, with little wedge heels. She has been charging cross country, wearing these little shoes? I don't wear shoes that uncomfortable looking for church, much less hiking up steep hills. I can't help but imagine the look on Willoughby's face when he lifted the hem of my jeans and exposed my huge, grubby sneakers. I'm pretty sure I'd have had to gimp home on my own.

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