Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Minor Grumbles

Inspections this morning took almost four hours, and the rest of the day has been a bust. I thought I'd have Ed take K. to dance today, and accomplish something, but he is tuckered out and cranky, so I took both kids to give him a break. K.'s class started twelve minutes late again this week, which really bugs me, especially since it always ends on the scheduled minute. I was sitting on the bleacher scribbling the draft of a letter of complaint to the gym, and T. kept trying to read it over my shoulder, Out Loud, of course. Sometimes that boy has absolutely No sense of discretion! (Plus, he was supposed to be reading Hank the Cowdog.) And tonight we are going to Ed's parents' house to celebrate Minnie's birthday. Maybe tomorrow I will be granted the gift of marvelous efficiency?

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