Thursday, January 19, 2006

Small Mystery Solved

Well, I solved the mystery of the disappearing water in our backyard fountain. K. has been using it to fill her watering can. And I thought it had a leak. Since she likes watering so much, I let her water the petunias up front, too.

It is absolutely gorgeous today. Bo gets frisky in this weather, and joyfully chases after thrown tennis balls. He still considers it beneath his dignity to bring them back, though. (Picture shows Bo proudly galloping back after identifying the landing place of the tennis ball, which I will then go fetch.)

My first inspection today was a little, old house, where my instructions for access were, "Reach through the broken window and the ripped screen and unlock the door." Worked fine, and the house was dated but unremarkable. I don't know the circumstances of the sale, but, judging by the personal items left lying around, it seems likely that an elderly owner died. In one room was a bookcase full of old books and photo albums. The books weren't my cup of tea -- Billy Graham, stamp collecting, a few sappy novels -- but there is something very poignant to me about an orphaned library.

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