Monday, January 30, 2006

Trims and Prepositions

We had haircuts all around last night, except for Ed, who might let me give him a trim tonight. T. really needed a cut, as his eyes were getting lost behind his mop. Some bits look a little "choppy," but it will look fine in a week or so. K. and I got trims.

T. and I started on prepositions today. Thank goodness for the nice, scripted grammar book we are using, because I had no memory At All of prepositions. I mean, the word is familiar, but I sure wouldn't have recognized a preposition if I'd bumped into one on the street. After today's lesson, though, I'm pretty clear on the whole subject, and, with luck, I will still remember something about the silly things when it is time to teach K.!

*The photo of the little girl in the Snoopy turtleneck is me, the last time I could have told you anything about prepositions.

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Dy said...

LOL! That sounds so much like I am when it comes to math problems. I seem to remember having heard of them... at some point... but the details are horribly fuzzy. I'm so thankful for MUS on that front. LOL.

SO, learn any great preposition songs or poems to help keep them fresh?

And I love that picture! How sweet.