Monday, January 30, 2006

The Great Hunter Triumphs

Bo caught a squirrel this afternoon. Granted, he spends hours every day watching the squirrels and stalking the squirrels, but who ever thought he would actually catch one? Judging by his demeanor after the event, certainly not Bo. The kids witnessed the event, and Ed and I only saw the aftermath. Ed went to check on Bo, who was hiding in a corner of the yard looking embarrassed and unhappy, and I checked on the squirrel, who was sitting on top of the swing set, looking shocked. The squirrel was holding up a paw, but I figure he is probably okay, since he eventually climbed up the neighbor's tree and seemed to be moving around pretty well. Bo didn't have any visible bites, but I called the vet's office anyway, just to make sure last week's rabies vaccination would have "kicked in." They said he is covered and not to worry. I wonder if he will continue to chase the squirrels, now that he knows what they are like?

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Jules said...

What a beautiful dog!

We had a collie whan I was growing up. She was the best dog ever and I still miss her more than I should! ;)