Friday, January 13, 2006

Well, we did it...

Now we are committed. We paid the very excellent saleswoman from (home sales company) a rather astonishingly large sum of money to list our house, so now we Have to sell it to recoup the money we spent. Of course, as she pointed out, we are also getting the company's services for vetting our theoretical potential buyers, arranging for the t.p.b.'s mortgages, and setting up the theoretical closing. Almost sounds like a good deal. Almost! Actually, it is less than a realtor's percentage, but it is up front and not contingent on the sale, so it is hard to avoid noticing the cost. Oh well, we are now officially selling our house! Oooh... I hope this goes well!

I had inspections this morning, but we worked like Maniacs this afternoon getting the house ready to be photographed. It actually looked pretty good by the time the agent got here, but that was partly because we threw a lot of stuff in the closet (and, of course, in the garage). I even bought and spread mulch. I sure hope this house sells quickly, because our books and toys are in the habit of roaming about pretty freely.

As you can see from the picture, K. is ready to hit the road.

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