Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Outlook Improved

Things seem to be looking up today. Not anything in particular, especially, but my outlook is improved.

The stove repair man came this morning to see if the broiler could be fixed, or if we needed to buy a new stove. He turned the broiler on and off, and informed us that it wasn't broken. Works fine. He said that Ed probably fixed it, accidentally, by dislodging some little piece of stuff that was messing up the electrical dohickeys in the control panel when he took the thing apart a few days ago. Too bad we didn't give it one more try before calling in the professionals. Still, his service call was a lot cheaper than a new stove.

Today's newspaper from our potential future hometown was without much drama. Maybe I overreacted to yesterday's paper (black yuck stuck to the paper never puts the news in a good light). Our local paper this morning featured a picture of a sleazy looking starlet, surging sea cow deaths, and workers drinking while on the job. I guess every town has "bad paper" days.

Fixing up the house is coming along. The most notable area still in need of progress is my department: clutter removal. I have got to get more stuff boxed tonight. Frighteningly, the boxes that the clutter is going into seem to be becoming part of the furnishings! I include a picture of K. comfortably seated on a plastic box full of pictures.

Mostly worked today, but I did get to squeeze in a little time with the kids. K. is turning out to be as inventive as T. when it comes to putting together unique ensembles. I took a picture of her yesterday wearing a lovely white hat, green sweatshirt, her brother's underwear, and knee high black boots. Very cute, but I wouldn't let her wear it to the park.

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