Monday, January 23, 2006

Work, work, work

Spent the last eleven hours on reports, and I am bored beyond belief by my work. I pulled on jeans and Mickey Mouse sweatshirt this morning, sat down at my desk, and haven't budged since (except to wander into the kitchen in search of fattening snacks to relieve the monotony of my existence). Never even put on mascara today (although I did brush my teeth!) , and I feel like a blob of glup.

On the plus side, the boss says orders have slowed down recently, and, as her other little busy bees are eager for jobs and I'm not, she won't send any more work for a bit. Yipee!

Also a good thing, the "virtual tour" of our house is up today. It is pretty neat, but it turns so fast it makes me queasy, particularly in the backyard (which is, I guess the best place to be queasy). With luck, our prospective buyers won't be too dizzy to stagger to their telephones to offer to purchase our home for large sums of money.

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Dy said...

What's a "CB" house?

I'm glad the virtual tour is up. Those actually helped a lot while we were looking for a house - I just wish more properties had them. Would've helped us narrow things down and we could have then driven out to see the ones we were seriously interested in. It might cut down on your traditional look-see traffic, but the ones who come will have an idea what to expect and still want to see it.

Praying for large sums of money! Er, well, maybe I'll just pray for the right buyers to come along. Yeah, that does convey better...

Dy (completely slacking between hanging wash)