Sunday, January 22, 2006

Uneventful Sunday

Had a lovely day, and accomplished practically nothing. It's okay.

Very nice sermon at church this morning (although Ed found it soporific). The Sunday school teacher's daughter was selling Girl Scout cookies, so we had to buy a box. At least the price hasn't gone up this year, but I think the box might have gotten smaller. At any rate, Ed finished them off before lunch.

We got a call from a woman in Miami with questions about the house. She actually wanted a CB house, but said she might come up next weekend. Okay, so it was only a half-hearted nibble, but it thrilled us nevertheless!

The kids played with Hana most of the afternoon. It seemed a bit cool to play in the wading pool to me (under 80), but they had a good time. The picture of T. & K. in the pool is from when they were studying some little critter that had fallen in, which T. thought might possibly be a "mini-Loch Ness monster." Can that count as "science" for the week?

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Dy said...

Oh, totally counts - not only as science, but as literature, since they knew what a Loch-Ness Monster is! Now you can read about it and double up!

I'm so glad you mentioned the weather, b/c I saw swimsuits and thought, "TELL ME these are from the summer!" It's going to take me two cups of coffee just to warm up. LOL. Kids are so incredibly tough.