Monday, February 13, 2006

And what, you've been wondering, have they been reading recently?

Well, since you ask, I have taken a picture of some of the books we have been reading the last few days. Last week yielded a particularly rich haul of picure books at the library, so this is a very incomplete view. We have really been enjoying Julius Lester's books "What a Truly Cool World," and "Why Heaven is Far Away," but both of these have those light reflecting clear plastic covers which, as you can see by "Mary Had a Little Lamb," just don't photograph well.

I've seen, on other people's blogs, sidebar lists of books currently being read (with pictures), and that's what I really want, but I haven't yet figured out how to do it.


k.&r.'s mom said...

LOL! I REALLY want those sidebars of books too on my blog. I have tried and tried to figure it out-even posting on WTM about it and to no avail. Someday................

Looks like you have been reading some great books though!

Celena said...

I could tell you how!
First, find a photo of the book cover, and then put it into a post that you "save as draft" And then you do this:
(h2 class="sidebar-title")Insert what you want to call it Books I'm reading (/h2)
(center)(img src="http://insert html code here")(/center)

But replace every ( with < and every ) with >

When you look in your template, just put this below or above your blogroll or profile. You may have to fiddle a bit to get it right, but you'll figure it out! Good Luck!

Melora said...

Thank you Celena!!!! I've had a stinky day, but, now that I can spruce up my blog, my spirits are completely recovered! Your direction were nice and clear.