Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Pleasant Day, In Which Virtuous Resolutions Are Made

Today was pretty good. I had an inspection in the morning, and came back home to find the kids Still Asleep. Ed was having a lovely morning, drinking coffee while dozing and reading political junk on the internet. (I say, any guy who has a morning tradition of emptying his coffee onto the newspaper because he falls asleep while reading should Not be drinking coffee at the computer, but who listens to me?) We've gotten in the habit of letting the kids sleep until they wake up on their own (except for Sundays), on the dubious theory that they must need the sleep, if they're sleeping. Starting tonight, though, we are going to begin putting them to bed at a civilized hour, no matter What interesting distractions occur. Once they finally arose, however, T. and K. were both in agreeable moods, and we actually completed school in reasonable time.

K. and I hung out in the back yard while Ed and T. were at piano, enjoying the nice weather and trying to overhear the conversation between the officer in the police cruiser who stopped one house down from us, and some gentlemen who live on our street. Another nosy neighbor, who is apparently better at eavesdropping than I, stopped by our house later and told me that it was a friendly conversation about guns. K. and I ate chocolate chip cookies and played on the swings for a while, and then K. played with Bo for a bit while I read a little of "A Walk in the Woods," which is fun, and which has convinced me that I don't want to hike the Appalachian Trail. K. lured Bo into the playhouse for a while, but he escaped while she was ordering a pizza over the pretend phone.


Dy said...

What a lovely day! I love the imagery.

What? No hiking the AT?? What on earth is in that book?


Melora said...

Detailed description of excruciatingly heavy backpack, And the bears. I'll stick to shorter outings that don't require me to carry 40 pounds of gear while hiking up steep hills. It's a fun book, though!