Friday, February 17, 2006

Blast That Wascally Wabbit!

Another truly rotten day of work. It will suffice to say that I drove an hour this morning for a construction draw, sent in the report, and, due to lender idiocy, I will not be paid for my efforts. Dealt with further bank and underwriter foolishness all afternoon, and completed one report. Words are really not adequate to express my loathing for this job, and Ed and the kids get upset when I throw things and scream.

It is warm again today, and Hana came over and the kids played in the wading pool. Desperate as I am for this house to sell so we can move, I will miss having a climate where the kids can run in and out of the house (without bothering with coats or shoes) in the winter. They found a rabbit in Hana's yard, and picked pieces of greenery and tried to make friends, but the rabbit didn't want to play.

T. was very impressed with the giant water blaster Hana brought over. He had a momentary thought that it would be amusing to blast his mommy, but wisely reconsidered.

Many thanks to Celena, who gave lovely, clear directions for putting pictures of the books we are reading in my sidebar!

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You're welcome!