Thursday, February 16, 2006

Link-i-Locks and other classic tales

The kids and I have been making up fractured fairy tales featuring T.'s favorite video game characters, Link and Peach. Last night, after our "early to bed" lights out, we took turns telling stories. We had "Snow White" as "Princess Peach," and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" as "Link-i-Locks," etc. This morning, before I went on my inspection, we had a "Link and Peach" version of "Rapunzel." These stories, although they feature Link and Peach in the main roles, never involve romance for our hero and heroine in their "happily ever after," since T. insists that this spoils the story.
Since my day, with the exception of our brief storytelling session, and an intermission for gymnastics in which T. once again avoided any push-ups or time-outs, was largely taken up with the wretchedly awful farce I call employment, I will leave this as the record of today's events.

The picture is T.'s depiction of that noble force for good, The Four Links.


Dy said...

How sweet! Although I am SO not that creative. James has forced me to endure three days of non-stop read-aloud Buck Rogers. But he doesn't read them to me in order. He reads the frames he finds interesting and/or funny... but he's read it before. I have NO idea what's going on in that story. The payoff? A great big goofy smile. It's worth it, even if it does suck from my marrow the desire to do something creative.

You rock!

Melora said...

When Travis tells me stories based on the "Zelda" games, I have no idea what is going on either. That's why I do better when we take the characters Out of the game context and put them into nice, traditional stories, where I know my way around. Maybe Buck Rogers would like to visit Robin Hood or King Arthur?