Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Cozy Day

Cold today, and rainy this morning. After church, the kids and I snuggled on my big recliner and read. We finished "Because of Winn Dixie" and started "The Adventures of Robin Hood," by Roger Lancelyn Green. Mr. Green's characters speak in a dramatic style which is hard to read aloud without getting a little silly. For instance, Guy of Gisbourne, coming into the church to put a halt to Robin Hood's wedding to Marian, says:
"Hold!" cried the knight. "I, Sir Guy of Gisbourne, come in the King's name to forbid this ceremony to proceed! Pursuivant, read the mandate!"
Still, the story is moving along, and I think we will do fine with it. I meant to read it to T. a couple weeks ago when we were reading about Richard and the Crusades in history, but we never got to it, and now the homeschool co-op is doing it for March's book, so that worked out nicely.

We all bundled up against the cold late this afternoon, and went out for a stroll/roll around the neighborhood. Ed took the electric wheelchair, K. sat on Ed's lap, T. rode on his bicycle, and I walked with Bo. The thermometer in the kitchen window said 68 degrees, but with the way the wind was blowing, Ed says it was really about 50. He is a little inclined to exaggeration, but it was cold!

I'm posting a picture of T. on his bike. He was given this bike the Christmas he was two years old. He couldn't actually ride it until a year later, and it took quite a while for him to really take to it, but once he got the hang of it, he developed a great loyalty to his bike. T. is tall for his age, and the bike, though sturdy, is small, so watching him on it sort of brings to mind a circus clown act. He has a very nice bike which is his size, but he always rides the old one.


Celena said...

That's a cute pic!

"Bundled up" she says! Pptshaw!

Jules said...

I have a little guy who looks like that on his bike, too. He simply refuses to graduate to the big-boy bike!

I won't even say anything about your "cold snap". ;) It's all relative anyway right?