Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fading Hopes

Still no word from the lady we hoped would be our buyer. My hopes are fading, and, sadly, we have not had any other inquiries.

We had a pleasant, restful day. I read quite a stack of books to K., and then, this afternoon, we all went out shopping for K.'s birthday next weekend. She didn't pick a "theme," which actually made shopping for birthday party stuff easier. She picked a nice butterfly pinata, multi-colored neon balloons, and various little things for goodie bags. Every year when we buy a pinata, I promise myself that next time I will make one instead. What a stupid thing to spend money on. I always forget, though, and K. thinks you have to have a pinata for a Real birthday party, because T. always does. We are planning to have a couple simple games, make bead necklaces, and have pizza and cake. K. showed me a cake she liked this afternoon, which is pretty, with a butterfly on top and big gumdrops on the side, and looks fairly easy to make.

We helped T. make a boomerang out of cardboard this evening. It actually flies pretty well. He is supposed to bring something "Australian" to book group on Tuesday, and I'd bet he won't be the only boy with a boomerang.

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