Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Good Day Out

Had a good time with the hs co-op at the park today, and then went to the library. It was an absolutely beautiful day -- cool temperature and blue skies. The project was "aboriginal art," which goes with the Australian theme for the month. One of the moms brought paper and paint, and lots of books showing what Australian aboriginal art is supposed to look like, and the kids were supposed to make paintings that looked "aboriginal." T. drew Link (who is a character from his Zelda video game) holding a boomerang, and K. painted a picture with dots and lines which was very nice, but which looked more Jackson Pollock than aboriginal. Then K. and I played in the sand for a while, and T. played with the other boys.

We got a cartful of good books at the library, along with our weekly candy bar fix, and called it an afternoon. Now I'm off to Wal-mart, which I've successfully avoided for over a year now, to see if I can replace K.'s ballet shoes (Bo ate one last week).

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Dy said...

What a nice day out! You've been so busy - I don't know which end is up just trying to keep track. Had to laugh at Bo's antics lately - he sounds like a sweet dog. Those are good for a family, even if they do eat the shoes... ;-)