Monday, February 06, 2006

Good Mommy, Bad Mommy

T. did his school work today with what might almost be called enthusiasm. It was just wonderful! I've been having him read an Aesop's fable and write, on his own, a narration. Then I make the necessary corrections, and he re-writes it. Today his narration ran over one page, and he asked for a second sheet of paper. (He used to focus on brevity, at the cost of clarity). There were spelling errors and run-on sentences, of course, but it was actually pretty good for a seven year old. He memorized his list of prepositions quite happily, paid attention for history and Bible study, and wrote R.L. Stevenson's "Bed in Summer," from dictation without any fuss. If only he would work like this every day, I could become a terribly smug home school mommy!

On a somewhat less happy note, K.'s speech therapist told Ed that K. needs to be spending more time with children her own age. She says that, since we can understand her, we are not making her speak clearly. This lack of friends is one of my areas of massive mommy guilt, and she is probably right. K. does spend some time with other little girls during her gymnastics and dance classes, but I guess they don't talk much during class, and she hasn't "clicked" with any of them enough to inspire anyone to set up a play date. Definitely an area for us to work on.

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