Saturday, February 11, 2006

How About If We Throw In a Ghost?

After a month of having the house on the market and getting no serious inquiries, the family has been brainstorming for possible improvements in our marketing strategy. My first thought was to lower our asking price, but Ed said no. Ed, who has the gift of believing that things will happen according to his wishes, in spite of any and all evidence to the contrary, maintains that Our Buyer will arrive at any minute, unannounced but carrying a suitcase of money and eager to buy, and our best course is to keep the house spotlessly clean and neat at all times in readiness for this event. While we appreciate his Positive Thoughts, the kids and I are working on alternate plans. K. is apparently planning a sales campaign of her own, and was walking around the house last night, taking pictures (we didn't mention to her that the camera has no film) and critiquing the tidiness of the rooms, her own in particular. T. and I have been thinking about advertising the house as "haunted." My own loving parents told me, when I mentioned this thought to them today, that this is a terrible idea. I can see how it might narrow our field of potential buyers considerably, but it would really make our house stand out from the crowd, and I understand that there are people who find ghosts very appealing. Of course, our house isn't haunted, so this approach would be dishonest, so we won't really do it. I'm open to suggestions, though!


Lynette said...

Good luck with the house selling. I've lived through my own nightmares (ghosts included) in trying to sell a house. I don't envy you.

Regarding my veggie soup--I don't add water at all. I like it thick and there's always enough liquid using the juice from the canned tomatoes and the beans are frozen in their own juices.

Dy said...

I don't know - maybe advertise it in Arizona and California? Where is your biggest people-import? You know, the state they're all migrating from? Maybe an ad in one of the larger cities in that area would nap The Right Buyer. I know I spent four months trying to convince Zorak to buy a house in BFE Montana once... *grin* (He'd have done it, too, except there isn't a big call for engineers in that part of Montana.)

In the meantime, will keep praying!

Celena said...

HA HA HA HA HA!! (you don't want any advice from ME!!!)