Saturday, February 11, 2006

Don't Laugh at the Dentist

K. talked me into playing "doctor" after dinner tonight. This involved my lying on the couch (always good) and K. operating on me. First I just got a lot of shots, which was reasonably restful. Then she decided we should play "dentist" instead. The syringe became "Mr. Sucky," who is the nifty suction hose that sucks the saliva out of the mouths of the little patients at the kids' pediatric dentist's office. Anyway, K. kept shoving the syringe into my mouth and telling me to "kiss Mr. Sucky" (which is what the children are told so that they will pucker their lips & improve the suction). For some reason, I burst out laughing every time K. said this, which really annoyed her. She kept yelling at me and telling me "The dentist's office is Not a Funny Place! You aren't supposed to laugh." Can't argue with that.

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