Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Baby Still Needs Me

For the past several weeks, T. has been working to convince K. that she should attend Sunday School with him. Never mind that he was still alternating between the nursery and sitting in church at her age, he thinks she ought to be in Sunday School. I've overheard him explaining to her "You are too little to understand what they're saying in church," and, more convincingly, "We do really cool crafts, and you get first chance at the cookies and doughnuts." Well, yesterday his campaign appeared to have finally succeeded, and T. was really excited about initiating his little sister into the joys of Sunday School. This morning, however, K. took one look at the group of children gathered around the little table, and the teacher, who she has seen every week since birth, and glued herself to my leg. I peeled her off, and then sat beside her through the lesson. K. really did hit the crafts jackpot, with not one but two crafts today (though I still can't see how teddy bear Shrinkydinks and ball-on-a-string paddles tie in with the story about Jesus healing the leper), and she certainly took advantage of her early start at the refreshments table, but, still, she told me on the way home that she is not really old enough for Sunday School. It is good to be needed!

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