Friday, February 24, 2006

Still Hoping

Well, we have not heard any more from the lady who looked at our house. I still have hopes that she may call this evening, or maybe over the weekend. She said her husband works (and apparently sometimes lives) in Orlando, so perhaps she is planning to show the house to him and then make an offer. I am going continue to hope for an offer from her through the weekend, anyway.

My parents left this afternoon to go down south and visit my brother and his family for the weekend. We are really enjoying their visit, although T. is getting a sort of "half holiday." Our regular schedule is pretty chaotic, and adding house guests to the mix throws off even the fragile semblance of order we normally maintain. My mom is wonderful about doing any school subjects with T. that I suggest, and she did quite a bit of math drill, which T. really needs. Both of my parents enjoy reading to the kids, and K., particularly, has been getting way more reading time than usual. My mom is also an incredible cook, and Ed and I love our holiday from the kitchen when she is here!

T. managed to talk his Paba into playing Nintendo this afternoon. They played one of the Harry Potter games, and I overheard T. saying to my dad, "Wow, Paba, you are a Great gnome thrower!" A Renaissance man indeed!

*The first picture shows Bo prouding reporting to my dad that he chased the ball and knows where it landed. T. is dashing off to retrieve the ball, so it can be thrown again. My children are both quite good at "fetch."
The second picture shows T. and my dad playing Nintendo.


k.&r.'s mom said...

Which Harry Potter game? I need to get my kids one for the x-box. Good luck on your house!

Jules said...

LOL!! I love your interpretation of the dog's communication!
If I remember right, our collie wasn't very good at fetch either. ;) She would much rather lay on her back and have us rub her tummy. Or kiss her long nose!