Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crossing Our Fingers

Worked all morning on appraisal stuff, then cleaned and put things away like mad until 2:00. Actually, my incredibly wonderful mommy was cleaning for a lot longer than I was, and stayed home to clean more while my dad, the kids, and I went to ballet class. We enjoyed watching K. dance, although T. talked non-stop. That kid can sure talk. K.'s ballet teacher is about 7 months pregnant, and still wears a leotard and looks graceful. It is just amazing to me, since I looked and moved like a drunken water buffalo when I was that pregnant.

Got home and cleaned up some more, then packed everyone but Ed in the van and took T. to his piano lesson. Ed was left home to Show The House to the lady who stopped by yesterday and who wanted to show it to her dad today. After piano, I called Ed to see if the showing was over, but it wasn't, so we went out for pizza. Our thinking was that the house would show better if the kids weren't being their usual friendly selves and trying to show All their toys and tell All their stories to these nice people who just might possibly be interested in buying our house. We had a good time at the pizza place, even though sitting still in a restaurant is not one of my kids' best things.

When we finally reached home, we found that Ed had Not gotten a signed contract or a deposit (I had offered him a gallon of chocolate chip mint ice cream if he could manage these), but that the woman had continued to seem very keen on the house. He said that her father hadn't been negative, but that he might have been trying to curb her enthusiasm (gushing excitement not being great for bargaining and all), or maybe they were just in a rush to get to Wednesday night church service. Anyway, she told Ed she would call, and we will just have to hope she really does!


Celena said...

Ooh ooh, ooh!! Good luck!

Dy said...

Oh. Wow. The anticipation has got to be killing you! If she's the one, I hope it falls together soon.

Have you decided definitely where you're moving to?? I know you've mentioned NC, but cannot remember if that was a certainty or not.

Wow, this is so exciting!

Dy, who is obviously suffering the effects of decaf tonight...

Melora said...

I am hoping so hard for this to happen that it is hard to concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing!

We had settled on a town in NC, and we have been getting their newspaper, to get a feel for the place. A couple recent papers have mentioned air quality/pollution problems, and last night my dad and I looked up "air quality" and the name of the town, and found that they seem to have pretty serious pollution problems. Now we are again looking around for where to live!