Saturday, March 18, 2006

Boys Just Want to Have Fun

T.'s friends, Jason and Jeremy, came over for lunch and to play today, and Jason brought his clarinet. He's just started playing this year, and is quite enthusiastic. He and his mom thought T. might enjoy playing clarinet and piano duets. T. was not excited about the idea, but at least he was polite and they played a couple little songs together, before getting onto the "good stuff" -- running around and whacking each other with swords. I wish he had a passion for playing music, but I guess all we can do is provide lessons (and make him practice!) and hope it will grow on him.

After the friends left, Ed and the kids washed the front of the house and the car. Its all sparkly clean now (or, at least, cleaner than it was) and ready for our buyer to drive by and fall in love.

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